LS#2 - The Prince of Spades (lēgends)

LS#2 - The Prince of Spades (lēgends)

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LS#2 (Love Symbol #2) / The Prince of Spades J
J♠ princē of spādes 

for the memory of Prince

I wear my brownish cloak and immediately jump into the dimension without any dimension to see without any vision and be able to know the unknown, for reasons beyond my understanding I arrived directly at one of the most controversial places for me, to the well of knowledge that until not long ago I was without any doubt sure that it was complete.

I wonder why I am here.

To my left is the purple sun that dominates the skies and rain is starting to drop from the heavy clouds that are now above the border between no-where and nowhere, a cloud of white pigeons is roaming above me towards no-where, the sadness of these helpless doves who forced to wander to the forgotten lands of no-where is feeling the air.

The rays of the purple sun break through the raindrops that are kissing the doves, I let my imagination paint the sight of my eyes as a spectacular spectacle of crying doves that are shedding purple rain.

I keep walking deep into the unknown towards the great stone of oblivion and it seems to me that I already know why I appear directly here.

Luckily I already know this lost road, I walk to the limit of my despair threshold and then continue a little more until I bump into some small rocks and then wait for the appearance of the shadowless monument that almost meets me, I will not dare to approach it again, that’s for sure!.

From a distance, I notice a shady figure dressed in a shocking purple jacket and high heels that disappear into the horizon of nowhere.

Sometimes even a sign is enough to know, I smile to myself and am happy to know that my dear and talented friend is kissing eternity, and will be remembered always as the prince who holds the love symbol #2.

Materials: Digital art, acrylic on tempered glass/plexiglass
Title: the Princē of spādes (lēgends)
Specialty: 3 moons effect
Copyright: the heārtist

School of Magic Arcanas: • Necromancy • Evocation • Transmutation • Illusion