About DR. HEāRT (the heārtist)

Deep inside of me resides a multitude of personalities, and at times, I find myself alone with these individuals during my inspirational moments.
It took me a considerable amount of time to comprehend the complexities of my inner self, which I refer to as "heteronymous" a term coined by one of my spiritual fathers, Fernando Passoa.

Over the past two decades, I have explored this inner landscape, nurturing and naming these multi-talented artists who manifest within me. Through my heteronymous personalities, I am free to express myself in various forms of art, with no concern for the outcome, the impact, or even my personal beliefs. I only know that all of my heteronymous personalities share a connection to a higher power, one that allows me to become something other than myself, and through my human form, I channel the spirits of ancient beings to bring my creations to the world.
I am a singular entity, yet I am all of my heteronymous personalities, and at the same time, I am nothing. This is the essence of my creation, the form of my existence, and what some may perceive as māgic, that simply embeded in life.

the heteronymous of the heārtist
the heārtist's magic arcanes