FĀQ (the heārtist)

FAQ the heārtist

where are you originally from and what is your origin?
I am an alien to this world, let's say I came from couple of thousand years ago or ahead, it really doesn't matter.

seriously, what is your nationality?
if you worried about where I was born, so I can say I've born several times in this life cycle, my origin nationality is Israeli, but I am more of the "son of God", I do not believe in nationalities.

how come your middle name is heārt?
ohh that is simple, I've added that, you can too :)

what gives you inspiration for your work?

who is your favorite artist?
I've got several "spiritual fathers" like Fernando Pessoa, Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh, DaliAndy Warhol, Ptolemy ("the Alexandrian")William Shakespeare and many more artists and free spirits.... I think I respect and like them all

what make one's to become an artist?
nothing in particular.
all artists are great as long they are original.
all artists are inspiring beings.
it is not just their art in specific, but the ideas that stands behind and what they bring to life.

how many hours per week do you spend on creating art? and what is your favorite time of day to create?
I thing that all the hours that I am awake. and basically when I am sleeping too because I dream art. 
depending on the amount of passion and enjoyment towards your craft, will determine how many hours are spent making your art. if you love what you do then you will be putting in endless hours. for me the more art I create, the happier I become, the happier I am the less I feel the need to sleep, if it make sense...

are you using any drugs in order to make your psychedelic art?
no, I do not need any external stimulations in order to create my art, also important to say that "psychedelia" was once showed to humanity by Lewis Carroll back in the 19th century, which is a limitless and of course timeless, we can do anything we desire in psychedelia.

what do you like to do most in life? 
to dance.
or better, to dance where I made the set-up for the dj and art constellation.

do you enjoy dancing more than art?
dancing is a form of "making love", when I create art, I do not exist, so I cannot tell you what I feel if I'm not there.

what is your why? what is your dream?
feel that what I’m doing is more of a calling. sometimes I don’t even have the answers why I am doing what I am doing. it just comes to me and I have to do it, I do not ask questions, I simply do.

who is your biggest inspiration that is an artist?
and all of God's creations

how do you define success as an artist? 
one's who is able to give birth to his thoughts and dreams, but I also think that to be successful is whom is standing next to you, who are your friends, and I am thankful for my friends 

at what age did you start making art? and what got you into it? 
mid 30's as amateur, and at age 38 professionally, it was an autoimmune disease that made me get into arts. after I recovered from my surgeries I left the material world behind and followed my heart, I think that life’s too precious to not follow your heart.

how do you develop your art skills?
I go to the edge, then I close my eyes and jump.
that's my experience, what God and life teach me.

when do you know painting is finished.
a session of painting is over 5 minutes before I start thinking about finishing the session.
about an art piece, I do not think that there is really an end,

how has your style changed over time?
it has matured throughout the years, becoming more refined and clear.
I become more aware.

what environment is crucial for you to be in while creating? 
for sure it is to be at peace with myself. this is more eternal than external, i care-less about the environment 

what is your favorite and your least favorite part of professional art?
fave part is it’s like playing monopoly and always having as much "get out of jail" free card. there are no limits. I love the life I live. there is no worst part. I live in full acceptance, everything is happen for a reason. no energy needed to out into negativity, it’s not needed.

what factors determine the price of your work?
I allow people to bid. if I like their bidding then we have a match. 

how do you manage a work life balance as an artist?
it is easy. I have no personal life. I am a creature of the universe. 

what is the one message you would like to share with the world?
love yourself.
believe in yourself.
believe in your God.
because when everybody will love themselves and believe the world would be a better place to live in, then It actually will be that way.
I personally do not agree with "love the other like you love yourself", because in our days people people hate themselves, meaning they hate the other.
first I think as humanity, we need to focus at ourselves and love ourself, than we will be able to love the other.

we know you are very talented in art so tell us what your most useless talent is?
I don’t think I’m talented.
when I create I am not inside of me, that it is God responsible for all of that, I simply become not.

what is your creative process like?
I think about what I want to do next, teach myself and read until I fully understand how to do it or at least have a starting point, then I go to sleep and dream about it, wake up and living that. I visualize it before it happens. thoughts become things. 

do people ever comment about your hardcore drive and resilience towards your art? some people would consider the amount of time you put in as psychotic. 
I. am crazy or ab-normal and it’s ok.
for me I am normal and normal people are crazy.
I would rather die than do something that I don't love or without any passion, I cannot lie to myself. 

what is the longest time you’ve spent creating one piece?
ohh, I think that almost a decade now, and it is just the beginning, my art is my journey