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an arrow strikes me, my heārt is bleeding, I touch an artifact that was long gone, the time is before times, and the whispers of the wind pounding the story of my brushstrokes. one after another, a drop fro the sky, and all the sudden, tears from mother earth moisten the arid lands. I dive deep into earth's core and back to the meeting point of the canvas and my brush, I am transmuting myself to become a clear rock that breaking the light of the sun into the rainbows of art. I am a heārtist, a wondering soul, I came to that present, to become a whole.

a pop-heārt reproduction of

Personal Jesūs

Original Size: 128cm by 238cm
Original Matirials:  acrylic, wood, plaster, nylon,mirrors, metal & whool on Canvas
mined by the heārtist (320â)

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"Phantōm whispers" by Dulcinea del Toboso / Dōn Quixōte adventures thru the spirit world Diabolic Jim (27th Club) Jimi Ché - Jimi Hendrix Ché & Marley style (27th Club) Ange gardien de Lennon / The gurdian angle of Lennon Monaliza (my 21th centuary Mona Lisa)

2021's collection of

the heārts

It called heārts It's look like regular art, but when the lights turns off, they appear.

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its all about MAGIC

heArtworks are magical, it comes from the different schools of magic mixed with a zip of heArt beating essence, called Love.

heArtbits currency

â or heArtbits is the currency of heArts and other arts in our Gallery. 
You can trade with your â to buy here or send us heArtbits of love.

UV Personality

heARTs are unique. 
eache and every heART got different UV personality and looks totally different under the eye of the beholder 
or dark-light (UV light)

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