the enchanted jurney to ēternity

being a heārtist

about heārt
ārmageddon II ZIGGY'S BLACK STĀRDUST- DAVID BOWIE (lēgends) LS#2 - The Prince of Spades (lēgends) salvador dālí (lēgends) VĀN BEETHOVEN (lēgends)

Becoming an āngel

āngels are more than just collectors, 
they are vital partners in a transformative journey that bridges art, spirituality, and community.
 āngels help channel the purity of the heart and the richness of human connection into a collective journey toward enlightenment, balance, and universal harmony.

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a pop-heārt reproduction of

Personal Jesūs

Original Size: 128cm by 238cm
Original Matirials:  acrylic, wood, plaster, nylon,mirrors, metal & whool on Canvas
mined by the heārtist (320â)

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MY HEĀRTWORKS (masterpiece collection)

it's all about MĀGIC

heaārtworks are magical, it comes from the different schools of magic mixed with a zip of my heārt, that beat with the essence of lōve.


â - heārtbit crypto currency

â or heārtbit is the currency of heārts and other arts in our gallery. 
You can trade with your â to buy here or send us sofe unconditional lôve.


UV personālity

heārts are unique, kinda' one-of-a-kind thing, each heārtwork got different UV personality and looks totally different under the eye of the beholder (that's would be dark-light or UV light)

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heāl the world
heāl the world
The lost keys of the open world...
The lost keys of the open world...
the ten commandments
the ten commandments


Absolutely the most beautiful art I have ever seen!

Christina Rodriguez

This place is spectacular. The artwork just pulls you in. The gallery was a pleasant surprise for my husband and I on a night stroll. Super glad we got to experience it! If you’re at Miami Beach, don’t miss out on this gem!

Queenita Brown

Experiencia increíble po lo art que tiene esta galleria d’arte.

Alen Perdo

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HEĀRT (globally)

The Americas
Miami, FL
Miami Beach, FL
Hollywood, FL
Joshua Tree, CA (2024)

Middle East
Dubai (2023)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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heārt it like lifē, it is all about the experience