Welcome, heārt!

An arrow strikes me, my heārt is bleeding, and I touch an artifact that was long gone. The time is before times, and the whispers of the wind pound the story of my brushstrokes. I pick a tear drop from the skies and bury it deep inside mother earth’s crying eyes which moisten the arid lands, somewhere between no-where and nowhere. I dive deep into the golden sand through the earth's core and then back to the exact meeting point of a canvas and “don panallo” which is my brush, I am transmuting myself to become a clear rock that is breaking the light of the sun into spectacular rainbows of art. I am a heārtist, a wondering soul, I came to that present, to become a whole.


919 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach FL 33139

Everyday 9:00am - 11:55pm

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the heārtist
the heārtist
the heārt symbol
the heārt symbol


Absolutely the most beautiful art I have ever seen!

Christina Rodriguez

This place is spectacular. The artwork just pulls you in. The gallery was a pleasant surprise for my husband and I on a night stroll. Super glad we got to experience it! If you’re at Miami Beach, don’t miss out on this gem!

Queenita Brown

Experiencia increíble po lo art que tiene esta galleria d’arte.

Alen Perdo