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ludwig vān beāthoven
for the memory of Ludwig van Beethoven
17 December 1770 – 26 March 1827

I traverse the dry land of nowhere with bare feet, a journey that stretches seemingly into eternity.
Where am I headed? why am I here?

  • An intriguing question…
  • Yet, I lack a definitive answer.
  • All I know is that I'm drawn toward the cradle of music.

The sounds grow louder, an onslaught upon my senses.
They assail me, causing me to wince and yield.
I ponder if anyone can withstand the relentless assault of these harmonies.

I've come to visit an old friend...

I lean over the grave of Ludwig Vān Beethoven and offer my gratitude for the gifts he bestowed upon the world.

His music shall forever reside here, in its rightful place.

I must underscore a remarkable truth, one that provokes profound contemplation:
How is it conceivable that one of humanity's greatest musical creators was deaf?
In his eye, I've etched a musical note, for I believe he possessed the extraordinary ability to see the music.

this is the true sounds of silence...

Materials: Digital art, acrylic on tempered glass/plexiglass
Title: Ludwig van Beāthoven (lēgends)
Specialty: 3 moons effect
Copyright: the heārtist

School of Magic Arcanas: • Necromancy • Evocation • Transmutation • Illusion