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ēirene (Goddess of Peace)

original artwork is owned by the Israeli embassy in Dubai

ēirene is the symbol for the Greek goddess of peace and love.

ēirene has participated in more than 15 burn events worldwide!
I really cannot express nor visually or with words, what is this masterpiece, your eyes must see it to believe.

emerging from deep emotions that blur my heart and sight, I tried to gaze upon the barren canvas, and without knowing I started painting ēirene into her being.
I sought to capture the essence of those filled with peace and love, to imbue my artwork with their energies and my soul.
with each stroke of my brush, I poured my heart into the canvas, creating a fusion of colors that danced and pulsed with life.
the result becomes to be a magical figure on top of a black lotus vibrant with rainbow feathers that form into an aura of magical wings that radiated from the painting and captured the hearts of all who beheld it.

I had chosen to shape ēirene on top of the black lotus because I desired to create something so unique and powerful as a true testament to my artistry in the form 
dove of peace and later on I’ve imbued it with the energy of peace and love as a tribute to all those who seek to bring harmony to the world.
with each passing day, ēirene starts to glow brighter, her colors are more vibrant, and her magic becomes more and more powerful.
for it is through love and peace that we truly find the light, that our hearts are filled with the fire of hope and happiness. 
we as ēirene, bask in the radiance of celebrating the enduring power of lights.


“with each stroke of my brush, ēirene comes to life, I crafted her heart with my bare hands, and now it’s pounding,” the heārtist said one magical night, and added
“She is a wondrous creation, like the presence of the black lotus behind in the background, she evolves with great wings of radiant colors, dancing and swirling in her original style, she is after all ēirene”

as a  symbol of peace and love, ēirene glows with an inner light, a beacon of hope in the midst of a tumultuous world.

I offer ēirene as a gift to the Israeli embassy of Dubai to become a token tribute to the spirit of peace and love that endures within us all. 
may her radiance shine bright, spreading her message of hope and serenity far and wide.
for in the words of the ancient ”shalom” which is a term of peace and wholeness, lies at the heārt of ēirene as a testament to the power of art with the ability to heal and inspire, to remind us of the beauty that lies within us all.
amidst the sands of Dubai, where the scorching sun beat down upon the earth, there arose a glimmer of hope, a shimmering beacon of light in the form of a magnificent painting. this painting was known as ēirene, the goddess of peace and love, the embodiment of all that was pure and good in the world.
crafted with the finest magical brushstrokes of my beloved “don pānello” and a piece of the heārtist's soul, ēirene was unlike any other work of art.
the canvas becomes alive with the pulsing energy of countless dancing heārts, united in a symphony of peace and love, within each stroke of don pānello that imbued the essence of those who sought solace from the turmoil of the world, their hope and joy channeled into the fabric of the painting.

ēirene finally was born, a beautiful creature of day and night, her wings of pure light spreading wide as she danced in the colors of the aurora borealis. her right wing was inspired by the ancient symbolism of the black lotus, which stands for a symbol of enlightenment and spiritual awakening, but ēirene is much more, she is a symbol of hope, peace, and love, she’s a shining beacon in the darkness that covers our world.

with her creation, the heārtist sought to honor the spirit of God’s children and bring a glimmer of hope to the world.
ēirene was presented to the world in 2021 and started her background as a black lotus until she formed in her being as a goddess of peace, her aura radiating a serene calm, a soothing presence amidst the chaos of the world.

size: 76'' x 84''
materials:  Acrylic on canvas
years: 2020-2022
work capacity (painting): 255 hrs est. 

Location: NEW EĀRTH MUSEUM, REDHOOK, NY (SInce 2023)
Publications: America - Miami - Art Basel 2022, NEM 2023, TLV  2020-2022

the heārtist [S'cē]

arcānes: ālchemy, illusiōn, evocātion, chārm, divinātion, trānsmutation

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