māgic arcanes

as an artist who incorporates magic into my work, I have extensively researched and explored 15 schools of magic and greater divinations. I believe that a deeper understanding of each school of magic can enhance the viewer's appreciation and understanding of my artwork.

to that end, I have taken the initiative to provide detailed descriptions of each school of magic on my website, so that my audience can have a better appreciation of the magical elements present in my art.

by presenting this information, I hope to create a more immersive experience that will connect you to my world, the realm of māgic, and with that I hope to bring a greater understanding of the intricate artistry that goes into creating a heārtwork.


illusiōn, arithmēcy, summōning, diābolic, transformatiōn, evocātion, religiōn,  chronomāncy, ālchemy, divinātion, necromāncy, conjurātion, chārm, transmutātion, abjurātion