illusions - illusionist



When my eyes are tickling, as far as I can see, it's all about illusions after all, you let the miracle of deception blur your clear view and decide which deception you choose  manipulating your mind.

the mind plays tricks and sometimes we can't distinguish reality from the fantastical. the beauty of illusions is that they can take us to new and unseen places, evoke emotions and bring a new perspective to life. our imagination becomes a canvas and the illusions a paintbrush, creating a masterpiece that is unique to each individual's interpretation.
the interplay between reality and illusion can be captivating and it's up to us to decide what to believe and how it affects us. the power of illusion is like a virus, spreading and influencing our thoughts and emotions, leading us on a journey of discovery and self-expression. Ultimately, the experience of illusions is subjective and it's up to us to embrace it or not.

I see layers, in time, something is connected to something, touching, caressing, dissolving within the other's soul's cortex, together the colors evolve in an abstract harmony and brings the vision of new life, something new, is that's a piece of me?, of my heārt directly to the exaggerated bursts of emotions, It's more like a sponge brush on canvas.

onion causes our eyes to sweat, like the heārt, caressing the each and other heart and caring for it fondly, with the beat of a beat with excitement and the miracle of illusion, the weapon I use when I wear my illusionist's invisible cloak.

It is, like it is, every time, my eyes are tickling…

Like a magician's virus ...

Like an illusion

/the illusiōnist