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Necromancy / Necromancer 

To tell the truth... Necromancer is not usually the audience's favorite; it is the common belief of fools that casting of such deep spells that penetrates into the misery of mother-earth, eradicating her innards, relatives and her lost children of our Reality..

many wrote, they said, wishing for the days when there was such a one that could, in the blink of an eye or the stroke of a brush, bring back our beloved ones, or others love, back into the reality world, to life, those who grew even revived the same spirits whispering around us ... it would be cool and yet so cold.

Whether raising from the obesity, sciences or anything else that makes us predict those who are no longer, to believe, see, feel or touch ...

The necromancer is obviously full of emotions, full of intensity

this is the lost soldier who blleeds the pain of our reality from his hollowed eyes, the sorcerer of the dark.

"raise the dead, I say, and they awoken" / The heārt of Recanati cronicals, the Necromancer's curse

Like a Messiah for his people

Like a mirror of our thought

Like the wind

Like a phantom


this powerful magic scholl is part of the diabolic arcane of dark magic and obiously connected also to divine power

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The word necromancy is adapted from Late Latin necromantia, itself borrowed from post-Classical Greek νεκρομαντεία (nekromanteía), a compound of Ancient Greek νεκρός (nekrós), "dead body", and μαντεία (manteía), "divination by means of"; this compound form was first used by Origen of Alexandria in the 3rd century AD.[5] The Classical Greek term was ἡ νέκυια (nekyia), from the episode of the Odyssey in which Odysseus visits the realm of the dead souls and νεκρομαντεία in Hellenistic Greek, rendered as necromantīa in Latin, and as necromancy in 17th-century English.
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