The nine worlds of the warrior spirit

The nine worlds of the warrior spirit

Some of you may already know this tale:

Once, a remarkably gifted student roamed the lands, seeking wisdom from various masters. With each new master, he would stay, learn, and excel. His exceptional talent brought joy and excitement to every master he approached.

One fateful day, he arrived at the secluded abode of an ancient master, perched high in the remotest mountains. The old master welcomed him warmly and poured him a cup of tea.

As the tea flowed, the master's frail hands trembled, causing the tea to overflow and spill beyond the brim of the already full cup.

The student, feeling a mix of discomfort and concern, spoke up, "Master, the tea is spilling over."

The wise old sage paused, his eyes twinkling with profound insight, and replied, "You are like this cup; you come to me already full, seeking to learn my teachings?"

This captivating Zen parable highlights the essence of approaching life and learning with an open, empty mind, ready to embrace new wisdom. It serves as a reminder of the vital importance of the spirit, which must be nurtured and strengthened just as much as the body.

Here, I present a gateway to the spiritual world – a concise and memorable guide, outlining the Nine Worlds and mapping out the journey of the warrior.

World I: The Art of Release and Transformation

In the grand theater of existence, the ability to let go stands as one of the most profound acts of strength. True accomplishment begins with the relinquishment of all that we have achieved or desired. As humans, we cling to patterns, habits, technologies, and possessions, which often serve only to anchor us in a state of complacency.

To truly advance, one must embrace emptiness, shedding the tangible and walking unburdened. Our spirit is our only true possession, an eternal essence that requires nurturing and development beyond the physical realm.

Should we let go of who we are? A true warrior understands the delicate balance of surrender and steadfastness. They discern the moments to release and those to hold firm, knowing when to attack, when to defend, and when to walk away. This wisdom transcends rules; it is about surrendering the self and the ego that ties us to the material world.

Only through the act of letting go can one truly receive. To let go is to open oneself to the infinite possibilities that life offers, to embrace the unknown with courage and grace. The warrior's path is not just about victory in battles but about the inner conquest of self. It is about understanding that true strength lies in the ability to release, to transform, and to evolve.

In the epic journey of life, let us learn the art of letting go. For in releasing our grip on the transient, we allow our spirit to soar, unencumbered, toward the limitless horizons of our potential.

World II: The Grand School of Existence

In the vast tapestry of life, we find ourselves enrolled in an unending academy, where each moment, every breath, is a lesson. We are perpetual students in this grand institution, learning not just to acquire knowledge, but to adapt, to thrive, and to transcend. Reflect upon the last time you embarked on a journey of self-discovery. When did you last dedicate precious moments to understanding the depths of your own being?

Learning is a transformative journey, a quest that varies in its path for each individual. For some, it is a swift and seamless voyage; for others, it is a relentless and demanding trek. Yet, without the ardent desire to learn, we remain blind to the insights essential for our progression.

Beware those who believe they possess all knowledge, who arrive seeking only to take a fragment and depart. They merely mirror their stagnant state. True learning demands more. It requires a symphony of listening, internalizing, sharpening one's senses, asking profound questions, confronting challenges, revisiting lessons, and embracing the essence of knowledge.

A warrior, in his pursuit, masters his impulses, transforms his instincts, and essentially reprograms his very essence. This relentless pursuit of knowledge is what sets him apart from the ordinary, elevating him to the status of a warrior. He learns not just to survive, but to conquer, to expand horizons, and to stride with confidence across the vast expanse of existence.

In this epic journey of learning, let us strive to listen deeply, question boldly, and internalize wisdom profoundly. For in doing so, we become not just better equipped to face life's challenges, but we also evolve into warriors of our destiny, capable of traversing the limitless distances of our potential.

World III: The Power of Choice

In the grand journey of life, know this: no one will ever tread the path for you. This timeless truth must be your guiding star. Thus, you must boldly choose your path. The word is "choose," not "decide" or "try." Have you ever seen someone "try" to do something, like trying to walk? Trying is an illusion, a shadow of intent without substance, doomed to falter. When you choose, act with unwavering resolve.

A decision is shaped by the chorus of many voices, but a choice is the clarion call of your soul. It is an intimate, internal vow, a moment of embracing a new essence into your being.

In every heartbeat, you hold the power to choose your destiny, to carve your place in the world, time and time again.

World IV: The Art of Silent Mastery

Listen – In our world, we are enamored with the sound of our own voices, eager to proclaim our identity, our achievements, our supremacy. We shout to the heavens that we are the best, the smartest, the greatest in all things.

But consider the lion or lioness, stealthily stalking their prey. Do they roar out a warning, "I am a lion, I am going to eat you for lunch..."? No. They move with silent grace, a part of their environment, an embodiment of disciplined power.

Listening means becoming one with your surroundings.

Listening is the epitome of discipline!

Listening transcends mere hearing; it is the art of understanding the unspoken, sensing the intentions behind words, feeling the emotions, deciphering the messages conveyed by the environment, and perceiving every subtle whisper.

A warrior must always be vigilant. Even in slumber, they are not truly asleep; in wakefulness, they are more than just awake. They are ever-alert, ever-attentive. A true warrior melds seamlessly with their surroundings, achieving unity with the world around them.

In the grand tapestry of existence, let us master the epic art of listening. For in silence, we find strength, in attentiveness, we discover wisdom, and in unity with our environment, we become true warriors.

World V: The Forge of the Warrior’s Soul

Training – A warrior’s body is their fortress, the singular possession they truly own. This is why we train, honing our movements, embracing flexibility, forging an unbreakable spirit and body.

When our spirit is burdened, our body follows suit, weighed down by the heaviness within.

Physical training is an eternal journey. We are in a state of constant training. Every battle is a form of training. Often, the trials of non-combat training surpass the rigors of real combat, pushing us to our limits and beyond.

Through relentless physical and mental training, we prepare ourselves to connect with our inner spirit.

After more than five years of arduous training, I began to touch the essence of my spirit. In a moment of clarity, I understood the world around me, and the puzzle of existence united into a coherent and magnificent image.

We will receive nothing as a gift. Ceasing to train means the erosion of all that we have accomplished and attained. Therefore, it is through relentless training, unyielding repetition, and steadfast perseverance that we are forged. From this crucible, we are reborn – again and again, each time stronger, wiser, and more attuned to the spirit within.

World VI: Embrace the Zen Way

Ask – Embrace the Zen way, to seek and to question, for in that moment of inquiry, we conquer the fear of appearing "foolish." Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone remarked, "We would have told you if you had asked"?

Asking transcends mere questioning.

Asking is a profound way of life, a steadfast refusal to accept everything at face value. It shapes our conduct and is integral to our journey towards becoming nobler beings.

A warrior seeks permission. A warrior perpetually questions themselves, for it is through these inquiries that we advance to higher stages, facing and resolving the challenges presented.

Remember – every question holds an answer, and all answers will illuminate our path.

It is essential – even the answers we obtain should not be seen as absolute truths. Some questions have a spectrum of answers, and at times, the answers lie within us rather than from external sources.

Thus, mastering the art of asking – whether questioning ourselves, our surroundings, seeking permission, or striving for new perspectives – is vital for forging our path forward.

In the grand epic of existence, let us champion the power of questions, for they are the beacons that guide us through the labyrinth of life, leading us to wisdom and enlightenment.

World VII: The Struggle of a Warrior’s Life

A warrior’s life is one of relentless suffering. It is not an easy path. It is easy to succumb to the world’s control. By choosing the path of a warrior, one embraces a life that is full, occupied, alert, and prepared for anything. Laziness must not be allowed to take hold of the body. The easiest choice is to stay in bed until noon, doing almost nothing all day.

But consider parents who must provide for their children. They rise early in the morning, work tirelessly, and do not rest until their children are asleep, ensuring they have shelter and food. What drives these parents?

We humans are akin to animals. A lioness will hunt and provide for her cubs. What drives these animals?

You have heard the term "struggle for existence" countless times, but when have you truly examined it? Warriors, by their very name, are in a constant state of battle, fighting everything.

They fight for existence, fight for knowledge, fight to learn, fight against laziness, fight their shortcomings, fight their ego, fight their desires, and fight their instincts. The moment we understand that we control our bodies, that we dictate the pace, we will realize that our warrior spirit can achieve anything.

World VIII: The Task of Self-Giving

One of the hardest tasks for a person is to give of themselves, for we are naturally inclined towards laziness.

As warriors, we are called upon to relinquish our selfishness, to embrace humility, and to offer ourselves wholeheartedly.

As warriors, we do not recognize the word "no."

If we are asked to do something, it signifies that someone has a genuine need for us to fulfill that task.

Of course, all actions must align with your core beliefs – this does not mean succumbing to wrongdoings if asked.

However, in general, strive to act with generosity. When we act to give, we honor our surroundings, and in doing so, we honor ourselves. The more respect you bestow, the more respect you shall receive.

The moment you give of yourself, you will discover that you receive no less than what you give. Indeed, this is not a mere task but a profound privilege.

Let us, as warriors, embrace the epic journey of honor, giving of ourselves to elevate both our spirit and the world around us.

World IX: The Epic Mastery of Life’s Essence

To learn to breathe means to learn how to breathe. After all, if we do not breathe, we die.

A warrior must master their breath, knowing how to breathe in battle, in meditation, and in every moment.

Proper breathing will lead us to harmonize with our environment. Breath is like infinity, a cyclical activity – every inhale is followed by an exhale.

When we learn to breathe in sync with our surroundings, we will not disturb them, nor will they disturb us. Thus, we will harmonize with our environment, learn from it, and reach heights that some of you are familiar with, but most are not.

In this epic journey, let the breath be our guide, uniting us with the rhythm of the universe and unlocking the boundless potential within.


I have delved into these topics with profound depth, offering insights for those who understand to truly grasp their essence, and for those who do not, to awaken and open their eyes.

Remember – without meeting all the conditions, the realm of spirituality will remain beyond your reach. So, embrace these truths, internalize them, and rise to act with purpose and wisdom. Let this journey be your transformation, leading you to heights unimagined and depths unexplored.



Jul 2007

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