who chānges things?

who chānges things?

Perhaps, the question is not deēp enough ?…
Who is in charge of thē things?

Well, eventually there will be the same reply in most cases, "God".

But if you ask yourself "what is god?" or  "who is god?" ; answers will be fetch from your brains, and be known as knowledge or a null value.(or any other constant equals to "")



The wind of changes has arrived earlier this year, carrying the the new spirits of the world to our porch, the world is changing, and everybody is changing, we are upgrading ourselves to updated "nōw" modules, knowing we are all parts of the same whole in the soon to come future, we are the last of our kind, the homosapiens.

Relaying on many sources, including Darwin's Evolution,we can see that mankind is about to distinct from nature, and like distinction in mathematics, we are all part of the same formula called "Lifē".

homosapiens will become homodeepsapiens, and the future for certainty is not what we knew, eveything is already digital, even art.

Most people are dealing with "why?".
I deal with #whynot #not #why ?

Lifē?, do you want to change your lifē?
Why not change a billion people's lives thru the change you are willing to make for yours.
Why not change the world…?
Knōwing that we belōng to somēthing much greater than ourselves, does not make it so. we must ACT!

None of us are a drōp in the oceān;
We are all individually, an entire oceān, in a drōp.

Just like when we are wet, we no longer fear the rain;
In order for us all conquer fear, we must face fear.

At the end we are just as much as the other person can understand us.
Together everyone everywhere will understand, that there has been, there is, and never will be anything to understand, we already have the knōwledge we already know.

If you are on this line already, it says that you hear us.
If you can listēn when you hear,
If you can sēe when you look,
Well, you are who we are looking for.
You know what you need to do...

come join out community, and help us grow together

one wōrld, one heārt

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