the ten commandments

the ten commandments

The Decalogue, more conventionally recognized as the Ten Commandments, transcends the simple classification of religious doctrine—it operates as a time-honored code for virtuous conduct. This is the revelation that I, the Heārtist, am prepared to share with the world. Within my heart, a divine mandate is inscribed, a celestial assignment which is presently bringing the deep-seated principles within the Ten Commandments back to life. The Torah, as this ancient code is known, exudes a sacred aura and presents a relevance to all beings.

In the Scriptures, the term 'Israel' needs to be reinterpreted. Rather than referring to a specific group of people, as is commonly perceived in today's interpretation, it should be understood in its more profound sense—as "yeshshaar ell", translating to "those whose hearts vibrate sincerely with the Divine." In this light, the Torah and the Bible are not just significant to a chosen few, but are indeed meaningful for all humankind.

I stand firmly on the belief that in this current era, the Torah is accessible to every human being, irrespective of belief, faith, gender, or age. "I've merely inserted a dash in the term 'Israel', reshaping its meaning," I declare. "Now the Bible's core principles become a shared treasure for all." I further elucidate, "'yeshshaar ell' indicates my heart's alignment with God. I fervently advocate that we must embrace this idea, accepting each person as they truly are, extending love and divine love."

In this fast-paced age of consciousness evolution and relentless worldly change, the relevance of the Torah and religious practices worldwide might wane in the future. This is largely due to the historically dominant approach of enforced religion that has prevailed for centuries. Future generations seek the freedom of thought, love, and equality as their core values. We are in the midst of what many refer to as the Age of Aquarius, a period embodying these ideals.

People are in search of truth, and the truth embedded in the sacred scriptures is presently being interpreted in a manner that confines it to a chosen group. This is where I make my stand. With resolute confidence, I declare to all that the Torah is meant for everyone. God is inclusive of everyone, and the concept of God favoring a specific gender is misguided. Divinity belongs to all individuals, and we no longer need intermediaries—each of us holds a spark of the divine within.

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