The lost keys of the open world...

The lost keys of the open world...

who holds the key to the world?

In ancient times without a shadow of a doubt these were the clergy who led the world in the safest way they could to the world we have today.

to my dismay, or to our dismay, the world has changed.

and today there are more empty opinions in the world.

what is a blank ad? - This is awareness contained within a non-human being - the machine

God created man and man the machine

in Hebrew the correct word is "Yzer"

we created the machine

and by chance or not, in Hebrew the word "creation" symbolizes the human desire to create.

man's curiosity surpasses any other value and this is what leads us as a society, as humanity, as a species, to act with constant achievement for progress.

In the new world, the rules are different

that I see in my mind's eye the new world, I watch an almost transparent blue landscape, light greenish and a lot of white.

the new world, whether we like it or not, is full of almost alien technology, for those who don't understand technology it can be an alien discourse.

few are the warriors of light who pay with lack of sleep and protect humanity from the injustice that may arise due to the advancement of technology and correct the distorted by writing common source code for a clearer future for an independent and healthier humanity.

if it weren't for the OPEN SOURCE community, I don't think the world we live in now would function the same way, I think we would be soldiers of another establishment, we would be living some kind of robotic reality and subject to another regime due to being ignorant of technology and lack of awareness can sometimes be interpreted as weakness or create a situation of injustice .

I don't understand too much about advanced technologies

I am a simple painter who paints his world

and in my simple world I want to shine the light

and paint our old world with new colors

our new world.

the warriors of light


Thank you OPEN SOURCE people for keeping us safe



The Heārtist

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