the heārt symbol

the heārt symbol

unlike our pounding heart the heārt symbol contains a diacritical mark, a straight bar ¯ called macron placed above a letter which used to emphasis words and in old english some hundreds of years ago.

I started to use macron in order to give words other value too, meaning the same word with eternal aspect, that the readers will know that the author is taking care of our world too.

when we look towards eternity, everything pales and becomes almost insignificant, who we are but a drop in the eternal ocean?
therefore, when we act from a point of view of our heārt towards eternity we can create things that will have that infinite values inside, such as the heārt symbol which indicate my art that becomes united with my beating heārt, my life that embedded with the pulse of the world.

I call my artwork heārts, which they are creations of my love and passion, wrapped together with the vivid colors of life.

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