heāl the world

heāl the world

was thinking alot latly about the world, and I cannot keep myself from wondering about what are religions?

I was born jew, but it dosen't mean that I will die as a Jew. now that's not even ideological or rational to anyone, why should I say so? 
because Abraham did not born a Jew, he has become one, Jesus was born a Jew and died christan, and even Muhammad has become Muslim, and now we are about to face time that we must adupt a one religion to the whole of mankind.

If I will eliminate that option, meaning I do not understand that the world is going to become a whole different world, very very soon.

I see a world with a new religion, that accept all religions by their chronological appearnces, and I will put myself in that position, in that religion for the sake of the world.

I keep asking mysels "what if" God will appear in front of us? would'nt he see all of us as his own sons? 
would it matter how we will call him? and if he will call himself whatever he would like to? if he will change his mame, does it change the meaning? will he become different?

sorry, but I don't think so. and the answer is no!

keep thinking "what if" God is among us? and the change we all afraid of has already began?

"what if" we will wake for a better tommorow and it dosen't matter what is God's name, only his presence who will fulfill us all. by trying to understand why the entire human race is fighthing each other, regard, or regardless of religions.
with the-more-I-think, the-more-I-do-not-understand attitude,  I started to ask, the "what if" question.

what if everybody is right? what if we can all together heāl the world, wouldn't you do nothing?

we all must agree with all ! unless we do so, there could never be true peace in the world. and in all religions the last religion has the strongest impact,because it has the most restrictions against other religions, so on the world of tommorow, we will all have to accept that for the sake of the world we must understand that the presence of God is one. 

I ask myself what it will benefit my daugthers if I'll keep on fighthing instead of agreeing with all, and by that change the world? starting mine and my surrundings?

what if we all agree to all? what whould happend then? will we search for nothing but peace? we will all honor all, we all be the same, and most important we will never feel alone.

we care about the dead ones more than we care for the living, we must start to look around us, embrace each other and have faith, regardless religion, with nothing but our heārts

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