Dear world / the golden ages

Dear world / the golden ages

It is a pity that no one took charge in the world for our existence, and governments are fighting their own citizens epically wrong.

Dear world,

it is time for us  joining tōgether as many as we can in order to really change the world, heārt to heārt.

I call you to "wake up" and unite, we all, together will be able to heāl the world that we are just temporaries in but already took -charge of it, because of what exactly? because we born here we have the permission?

we are killing this planet, and what will remain for our children's children's to claim?
dirt in exchange for what?
toxic air?
or noexistence?
maybe for a clone?
or any other unusable thing but life itself.

everyday, all around the word, pioneers are born, the ones who will rule the "golden ages" of mankind evolution, these are the years to come are crucial for our own existence in the very-near future to come.

It is time for us to stop blaming everyone of what not-doing for eachother.
stop being lazy and take actions in order to ensure that our childrens will plant thier seeds not in a broken planet.
Do we really hate our children? Otherwise, why so?

I call for you, the ones who think that they can change the world, let's all raise a community, which all are welcome.
all will be active, freely, and will be appreciated, loved and happy.

We will all core our bits by doing, and tithe for the sake of the whole

The time to come exite me, and we all should be exicited 

For the seekers of you, who ran upon here, just join our mailing list and we will keep you inform

Stay tuned to here for updates and feel free to join us, first to set the technologies that we need, and then the community , for a better, much happier world. 

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  • Yanli Mi

    We have the same dream and vision at hebekind:). Haha but don’t know how to design the application better to make that happen. Wind load the app from apple or google store and start to publish there too:). Thanks in advance

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