Jimi Ché - Jimi Hendrix Ché & Mārley style (27th Club)
Jimi Ché - Jimi Hendrix Ché & Mārley style (27th Club)

Jimi Ché - Jimi Hendrix Ché & Mārley style (27th Club)

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a heārtist can be very spiritual sometimes, well maybe, all the time, as I am...

It was almost Friday, fall 2019, I was in the middle of a Séance and Jimi Hendrix was above my sofa inside the same frame Jimi Ché is, and he called me, It was about 3 or 4 years I've had him in his previous form then, and he was a loud screamer too.
"I WANT DREADLOCKS as you did to bob, and I want to be a guerrilla fighter too, like Ché, oh I love Ché," he said to me
and I was like.... woohohhhooooo
"... come on.. do that, you must!" he said to me
I quickly grabbed him and did exactly what he asked of me until he was happy with the results.

James Marshall "JimiHendrix is a part of my own collection of the 27th club members which I've made to honor the members of the 27th club.

I resurrected Jimi Hendrix into his current form of Jimi Ché, in order to remind the world that "the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music" never dies, like his revolutionary impact on music in the 60s of the last decade.

I made him be like a general in Ché's army but with long hair like Marley's dreadlocks which get out of the boundaries of the frame, as he did with the guitar and his contribution to the world with his outstanding ability to play the guitar, sing and touch our souls.

Artwork by Roy Recanati (Israel) 
Size: 40'' x 52''
Materials: Plaster, wool & Acrylic on Canvas
Years: 2015 - 2019
Own By: Recanati heART Gallery 
Copyrights: Roy Recanati (c) 2019
heART Schools: Necromancy, Transmutation