Pōstēr - David Bowie "shhh"

Pōstēr - David Bowie "shhh"

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Designed by the heārtist
Size: vāry
Matirials: Poster / Canvas / Glass /
Years: 2020
Work capacity (Net hrs): N/A
Own byheārt Gallery
Copyrights:  he(ā)rt Gallery (c) 2019
heART Schools: Illusion, Transmutation
Price: vary on size â (heārtbits) 

Genuine work of Roy Recanati


Popheārt got digital souls.
a digital soul is like a clone, it 
can be duplicated any time they desire, and appear on any wall anytime.

Popheārts price is vāry depends on size and material printed.

limited editions of Popheārts will be signed by the heārtist.

he(ā)rt gallery is part of heārt.com community and with every purchase you make we automatically deposit a heārt-token to heārt.com

you will be automatically help the world become a better place :)