ānge gārdien de Lennon / The guārdian angel of Lennon

ānge gārdien de Lennon / The guārdian angel of Lennon

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Artwork by Roy Recanati (Israel) 
Size: 120cm by 150cm
Materials:  Acrylic on Canvas
Years: 2019 - 2019
heART Schools: Necromancy, Alchemy

It's not a secret that John Lennon was undoubtedly one of the most influential artists in music history.

I encountered a french guardian angel (ange gardien) who told me that Lennon's legacy will remain forever, and that angel was describing to me Lennon's wondering eyes and hopeful thinking.

So I've dedicated this arena, to emphasize the optimistic worldview and the way he lived, so maybe life is not a strawberry field forever after all...

I wanted to perpetuate the dreamy look as he imagine and pondered. like giving the word Imagine a look, exactly as I've been told, and I lay the guardian angel to make sure perpetuate his creativity. I chose to paint with brush strokes and no accentuations and reliefs, to emphasize the power of simplicity.

This genuine fine art is also used in creating the 10â heARTbit bill